black tail deer above the Galloping Goose trail, garden Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC,

Oh Deer…

During morning coffee a visitor surprised us.  Perhaps he wanted to communicate his disappointment that we’d harvested the apple crop just the day before and hadn’t left him any…

Buck at kitchen porch
photo by SVSeekins

© SVSeekins and Garden Variety Life, 2013


2 thoughts on “Oh Deer…”

  1. aww c’mon SV! you couldn’t even leave him ONE apple?? If it was Mario, he would be trying to lure him into the back yard with a salt lick & a bale of hay…

    1. Well actually… we did leave some apples that we couldn’t reach (although he can’t reach ’em either until they fall)…. BUT we did throw a few buckets of super small apples into the cold compost… he should be able to reach those easily


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