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Meadow Blooms 4 – Fawn Lily

How could I have missed this?   For years I lived right across from Beacon Hill Park!  I celebrated their fabulous meadows every spring.  Daffodils & tulips in March & April; later the camas meadows in May…. But somehow this Fawn Lily meadow had eluded me – until now!

Fawn Lily meadow at Beacon Hill Park
photo by SVSeekins

I first became aware of native fawn lily when a naturalist pointed them out during a spring wild flower walk around Elk Lake.  The fawn lilies grow along the forest edges of the walking paths there.  I was particularly charmed by the leaf pattern: dappled spots just like the back of a fawn.   (Aw…  Bambi flowers…)

Fawn Lily bloom & leaf CU
photo by SVSeekins

Since then I’ve noticed fawn lilies along the trail around Cedar Hill Golf Course, too.  Later, I was delighted to discover them growing wild in the backyard at the Cedar Hill Road house.

Of course when we planned our move to the Richmond house, it was IMPORTANT to bring some of those fawn lilies with me to the next yard.

They had such long taps (6 inches or more) that led down to thin, elongated bulbs.  They were really tricky.  Most broke off & stayed rooted where they grew, but I did get a few.

Only a couple survived the transplant trauma.  The 2 successful specimens are in the border near the driveway.  For the first 3 years they just produced leaves.  Last year one bloomed!  I’m coddling them (go figure).

3 x fawn lily at Beacon Hill Park
photo by SVSeekins

I’ve also been buying seeds from the Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary & scattering those willy-nilly.  So far, no luck, but I have dreams.

One gardener from the Native Plant Study Group tells me that she seeds them into trays & lets them sit outside for a couple of years.  That way they’re easier to identify when they come up, & she doesn’t weed out the tiny babies by mistake.  She’ll eventually be able to move them into her beds to naturalize.

I might just have to do that myself – – if I can muster the patience.  I have lots of dreams, but little patience.    🙂

© SVSeekins and Garden Variety Life, 2013

P.S.  Here’s some other meadow faves:



9 thoughts on “Meadow Blooms 4 – Fawn Lily”

    1. ooh – that sounds tough – but at least rain is moving into a style of spring 🙂 It’ll happen.
      I just went to check the driveway bed where the fawn lily bloomed last year – – it’s blooming again !! WooHoo!! I hope it’ll go to seed & start spreading through that area – – – fingers crossed.


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