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Susie Seekins
Susie Seekins

Does keeping up with regular garden maintenance seem overwhelming?

Let’s call it a garden party instead of a chore day.  

  • Sharing tasks with a friend makes it easier.
  • It’s more fun exchanging ideas & getting it done together.
  • Have the garden you want without breaking your back or being its slave.
  • Have time to enjoy the flowers!

Let’s get outside & play in the dirt!


Mt. Tolmie Garden
Beds & Borders
250-220-5212    250-812-6453

  • weeding & pruning
  • mulching & fertilizing
  • planting & dividing
  • fall clean up
  • monthly, bi-weekly, or as needed

Each contract is customised to suit the needs of the client & their gardens.

Contact me via email:

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